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Hi all, my name is Keith from Superior Wi. I've been running actively now for about 13 yrs. Every distance from 5k to 50 miles. Originally from Drummond WI, I started running XC in the 7th grace since my high school didn't have a football team. I've never turned back. I moved up to the twin ports here after high school and continued running at all the colleges I attended. Now I run for fun, meeting great people along the way.

October 26, 2010: I'm back!

Hi all!

  As you can tell from the title, I am back on here. It looks like its been roughly 2 yrs since my last post. Here's a quick recap since then: got married, gained 2 sons, virtually fell out of running ,decided to come back into running by doing a rather difficult 100k, retreating back into shell until Rowyn is older. Pretty busy, huh? Well, here's another thing to add to that.

  In the last year, I have been researching a phenomonon. Its the green, eco-friendly wave that is slowly streaming throughout the world. Who would've thought, people caring for the environment! Everything from recycling, to alternative energy, to hybrid and electric cars, people are taking steps to reduce their impact on the environment. Well, a couple months ago, I heard this song about exercise machines powering neighborhoods. It summed up an idea I have had since I started working out in gyms.

  One of the settings I can put the treadmill or bike to is watts. How can this treadmill or bike be producing watts? I'm not seeing anything that is benefitting from these so-called watts that I am producing, so where do they go? It gets wasted as heat. So I began to look into ways of storing this "wasted" energy and I came across a neat idea. A man out in Portland, OR started an eco-friendly gym and in this gym are machines that produce electricity. And best of all, he is offering to franchise his gym out.

  So, I know this is getting long but I'm almost done. I am planning on bringing this gym to Duluth. Not sure on the location yet, but I really need to decide if this is something that Duluth is ready for. There are already quite a few gyms in Duluth, but no "green" gyms. What I mean by "green" gym is this:


  -recycled flooring or cork flooring

  -electricity-producing machines

  -solar panels

  -reusable steel water bottles for sale

  -products made from recycled materials

  -one-time enrollment fee and low month to month fees


What I need to know is this: Would you come to this gym and would you be a member? I am going to put my email address at the end of this, but whether you would or not, I would really like to know. I am open to ideas and criticisms but if I can get a big enough list of people to say yes to this, I can show the owner that we are ready for a gym in Duluth and it will be done by summer of next year.

  There, that's it. thats all my ranting and raving and selling. I will be doing more posting and it will be actual posting. I won't bother you with any more of this until I get an answer. Until next time... :-)



February 5, 2009: "Almost" undiscovered territory

So, me and my sister went for a run today. Actually, it was more of an adventure. We had planned on running around the woodland area on the streets as they would be the safest with our road shoes. However, we changed plans about half a mile in. We started out at her place next to UMD and ran by Mount Royal down to the start of the Congdon Trails. Well, we started on the trail. About 20 ft in, we decided to hit the river as there were some deer we wanted to follow. We found a trail that was actually on the frozen river. So we followed that over hill, dale, and yes, waterfalls. Had absolutely no traction problems till the way back. We went under every tunnel we came to, which was slow going as we could hear and even see the rushing river underneath the ice. That only added to the fun. :)

  We ran all the way down to Lake Superior and oh, what a view. We got there around 5 in the afternoon so the sun was almost behind the city skyline, making the sky an awesome multitude of colors. Next time I'm bringing a camera. We came out pretty much between the lake and Glensheen Mansion, which was a view in itself. Ok, now for the way back. Ugh

  There's nothing much to say about the way back except for "Up." Running from the shores of Lake Superior to UMD is nothing but uphill. Thats where a good pair of trail shoes could have come in. But we made it. Took a little over an hour, but our legs loved it. There was plenty of walking and sidestepping to avoid open water, but still a great workout and you get to see all the wildlife in their own element. Again, could have used the camera. Until next time... :)


January 21, 2009: It all started one cold, fateful night...

One week ago, on a blustery cold night, four runners left the Canal Park parking lot in hopes of getting in a few easy miles. They all looked like normal runners at the beginning...



But no one could have imagined what Old Man Winter had in store... The air temperature was somewhere around 20 below and the wind was blowing profusely dropping the temperature to a mere 40 below... One runner dropped back aways but still continued on. The other three continued into the dark abyss of the Duluth Lakewalk. At the turnaround, the wind was in there faces, making them fight for every step. And when they all got to the end of that nights journey, they knew that they had just done something spectacular. The looks on their faces say it all...



The End

January 3, 2009: My New Years resolution

Why are new years resolutions so hard to keep? Is it that we set our sights up too high? Well maybe to run 100 miles a week is a bit much. What about all the temptations? I'm sorry, but I love my full pizzas and greasy monster and quad stack burgers. So knowing all this, why don't we ever make smaller promises? Something a lil more rational. I've been thinking long and hard about this these first few days of the new year and I think that the main reason we set these goals is that the idea of attaining them is so monumental we block out all other reasoning and just think about the prize. Wow, if I could run a hundred miles a week, I could win all these races and be popular! But then as the days progress and you actually see and feel what you have to do to keep up with that goal, you get disheartened and start thinking that the goal was perhaps too high this year. McDonalds comes up with a new burger that you can't live without. All of the odds start stacking up against you and your goal until finally there is no goal anymore.

  I'm not trying to discourage against making new years resolutions. I'm just simply stating what i go through every year. I love running and would do it in my sleep if  i could. But somehow Monster burgers always win. As does work, other greasy foods, alcohol, and friends. I've made the same new years resolution every year for the past 10 years:  to run a hundred miles a week for that year. I have never completed that goal. So this year, I've changed my goal a lil bit. I'm not going to put a distance or time or anything on it. My goal is just to run. To get out into the world and run. Enjoy it without the frivolities of life hanging on to every step. The way I see it, as long as i keep it free of conditions, I'll still end up winning on this one.

  Make your resolution fit you. Not the other way around. This concludes my first ever blog. My future blogs will be ever more funny and upbeat as thats how I am. This one just came from me hearing a bunch of comments at the gym yesterday. People were complaining that they broke their resolutions already because the gym was closed new years day. I thought it pretty comical. Oh well.