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My name is Jim Booth, and I have been running for 35 years. I have done over a hundred marathons in that time. This blog is for us "older" runners.  If you are an older runner with questions let me know and hopefully I either have an answer or can find one.  I understand how it feels to be slower then you were and to have aches and pains where there weren't any.  Looking forward to blogging about training, nutrition, great areas to run, or last weekend's race.

August 16, 2009: HOT and HUMID

Yes it has been almost two months since my last entry. No I have not died, I have been enjoying the summer camping, climbing, inline skateing and yes running.


After the terrible Grandma's run my oldest daughter and I decided to give it one more chance at the Twin Cities Marathon, so I am in training. At the same time my youngest daughter and I are doing our third Northshore inline together. So the training has been a day of running a day of skating.


On Wednesday I am heading out for Devils Tower to climb with the guru of climbing, Mr Frank Sanders. So I have been climbing almost every day also. Doesn't leave much time to get in trouble.


Today Sydney, my dog, and I ran from home to hartley around the bike trail and back. A 2 hour run that on a normal day is hard. But today with the humidity was, lets just say, I did not run the entire way. I made sure Syd had water at all the rivers and ponds. I brought water but came up a little short.


Does it really matter that on the long runs you may not run the entire distance? I think sometime we put to much emphasis on the running and not enough on the distance. All I know is I have one very happy, tired and muddy dog and I am feeling pretty good about the "run".


I hope everyone elses summer has been as good as mine and that what summer we have left you get out and enjoy it. I will try and blog more. I definately will tell you about climbing the Tower again. It is very spiritual.

June 21, 2009: Grandma's and Support


It was a HOT and cloudless day...... as this story opens.


First off I think the forcast for the race was in the mid fifties at the start and the low 70's at the finish. That was the last thing my daughter and I heard from the TV weather guys before heading off to sleep.


Upon awaking and arriving at the start it was already in the 70's and getting warmer. My oldest daughter, Heather, and I had decided to run the first couple of miles together and then I was going to drop back. She wanted to run a faster marathon then I did, but we wanted to run together so it was our comprise.


We started together and at 3 miles I dropped back to my pace and she was gone. Or that is what I thought. I saw a runner walking on the shoulder at 7 miles that looked like her from the back as I got close I knew it was her. She was not a happy camper, hot, dejected and just upset.

We took a break in what shade there was and then we started off. We threw time out the window and made our goal to finish. As we continued she said go ahead I am holding you back. I said I am not leaving my wingman. (Compliments of Topgun)Throughout the course she got stronger and stronger and by Duluth (19) she was hop skiping along and was back to her old self. That is only half the story.


I on the other hand was getting more and more sick do to the sun. By 19 I was starting to get the yucky stomach. We ran - walked for the next couple of miles and by 23 she was carrying me. We would walk and I would say I am not walking that fast. Then we would run and have a goal get there and walk. We found that ice was a precious comodity. At one point near Lemon Drop a gal was handing ice out. She had went and bought it with her own money how sweet. Thank you.



 We rounded the back of the arena to see the sign on F.I. Salter flash 91 degrees. I said it is a good thing I did not know that or I would have quit.


We crossed the 26 mile mark and I said if you sprint I will disown you, she smiled and said I am not leaving my wing man. We have come this far together we will finish together. It was a great finish hand in hand each of us needing the other to get through the race. Our time stunk but our time together was priceless. It was a very memorable race.


Favorite signs on the course. " 3 monthes ago I thought this was a good idea" and


"pass the weak, hurdle the dead"



June 18, 2009: Who is running this weekend?


I am wondering who is running this weekend?


Write your name Race (5k, 1/2 or full) and your number, if you have it.


I think it may be fun for those not running to be able to keep tabs on us that are.



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June 13, 2009: Ugly Run

Do you know if you don't submit a blog BEFORE viewing it you loose everything and then you have to retype it:)


Every have one of the runs that just is plain YUCKY!!!!

That was me today. I started at Endion staion, the 26 mile mark, and planned on running to the bottom of Lemon Drop hill the 22 mile mark and back.


(Tivia) Anyone remember why it is called Lemon Drop Hill. I am old enough to remember:)


Anyway, Syd and I ran Hartley yesterday and flew. It was a blast. Starting off today I felt Slow, my feet felt like lead and I was plain tired. I thought if I took the first mile slow, I could work out the cobwebs, WRONG!!!! It never happened.


The weather was HOT, Humid and the wind was at my back going out. I was lethargic,and Slow!!!! I thought turning at 22 and running in to the wind would help. It did feel better but did not help my run. The only good thing about this run is that it is over:)


One short week before Grandma's I will train a 4, 3, and 2 mile run take Friday completely off. My daughter will be in town friday, I will make pasta at home. We will head up to the start via Voyuguer bus company. Look for her at the 3:50 mark look for me at the 4:10 mark. Say HI.


By the way I know ...It is all down hill from here, I am looking good, and I am doing great. LOL


Enjoy your day

Safe Jouney

June 1, 2009: 30k and 1/2 marathon all in one weekend

No I am not insane and ran both a 30k and a half last weekend. My oldest daughter, Heather and I ran the 30k and my younger Daughter, Kelly, ran the Minneapolis 1/2 marathon. I spectated.


The 30K was in White Bear Lake, the course was not all that senic, but the volunteers were fantastic. Some interesting things happened to me on the run, With in the first mile a man landed wrong on his foot and fell under me. I had to jump over him to avoid him. I stopped and made sure he was ok. He was more embarrassed then anything. Later, I was running by a truck that had some barking dogs in it, one bounced off the window and shattered it all over me. After that I took a wrong turn and ran about six blocks more then I had too. But all in all Heather and I made our time. We felt relieved that the long runs are done.


Kelly, ran the first Minneapolis half marathon. Heather and I planted ourself a the 7 mile mark (It was also the 11 mile mark on the way back). The hill that was there had to be almost the entire mile. There was a TON of runners. It was amazing, for the first annual that they had thousands of runners. Kelly ran well, thought the course was senic but very difficult.


Running with my daughters is always a treat but what is more fun is what we do when we aren't running. I was invited to the brewfest saturday evening, downtown Minneapolis, then to a brunch on Sunday after the 1/2 and ended the day with 9 holes of golf. No I am not good but we have fun.


If you have little ones, enjoy them, but to me the older they get the closer we get. I had the best week end since last month when we got together. I know this isn't exactly a true running blog but I thought I would share.