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Hi, I am Randy from the flatlands of Superior, WI.  Back in the day just might be an appropriate title for this. For my 30+ seasons of running I hope to share some regional running history, trail running information, and observations about our sport / activity / pastime.

Happy trails or roads,

October 2, 2012: NMTC & STRAVA Rock Hill & Hawks Ridge

The next two races on the NMTC series have STRAVA sections for running. I went out and did a pre-run to set both segments. A current leader board exists. It's easy to participate. You can sign-up for free at STRAVA.com. Add the app to your phone or use the appropriate Garmin technology and your in like Flynn!

If you happen to be looking for a preview you can search the segments named: NMCT Bagley/Rock Hill and NMTC Hawks Ridge Wed Run.  All you need to do to be scored in the section this Wednesday is to start your run on the STRAVA app or Garmin when the race starts and it will automatically score you when you stop and save run.

Good luck and happy trails, 


September 25, 2012: Brown's Point NMTC Wednesdsay & STRAVA

Hey everyone welcome to my neighborhood if you plan to run the NMTC event on Wednesday. We will be visiting the the Brown's Point Trail in the Superior Municipal Forest. I did a quick recon run and the conditions are the best I have ever seen. The entire trail has been mowed for the ski season and the NMTC is the benefactor. I put the iPhone in the run pack and marked a STRAVA section, so for some we may have a race within a race. Who will be the King of The Mountain (KOM) tomorrow? The segment for the KOM is a little longer than a mile. Check STRAVA out I have been competing with others with cycling in the Twin Ports and Twin Cities. It's a lot of fun and a can be good motivator if you choose to chase the segment rankings. STRAVA also has a running application that I use. I'll likely pre-run Rock Hill and Hawk Ridge to put a STRAVA segement in each of those NMTC events too. Lets have some fun with this. See everyone tomorrow!

Happy trails,


April 9, 2012: PACE Chris today & web-link!

Follow Chris Gardner today on the web during his 16 hour treadmill run to benefit the Y Strong Kids.  Stop in at the Duluth Y to pace him $1 per minute, $15 minimum. It's a great cause.  http://www.duluthymca.org/ 


I stopped in and did my part before work and found  Northwoods and Duluth Running Co folks supporting the cause. There is still plenty of time to be a pacer for his 100 mile goal! He plans be done at 10pm tonight, two treadmills available.




April 5, 2012: Northland Runners make a SPLASH!

Thanks for the support runners!


With the increasing number of multi-sport events in the region, it was good to see so many runners sharpening their swimming skills at this years event. As you review the results you may find that a number of accomplished runners in the region took to the pool, you will also find that a few accomplished swimmers frequent local running events too!


This years event had a nice mix of Northland Runner's (blog folk), my Northwoods teammates and Duluth Running Co. tri folk. Look for the SDSC around the last week March or early April of 2013.


News Release Info:


The third annual Superior Distance Swim Challenge was held Saturday at the Superior High School pool. Five event distance records were records were set: Amy Flessert (Superior) one hour swim event record, 4470 yards; Spartan Speed 1 hour team, Matt Sherwood, Jake Noonan and Kaitlyn Heinen (Superior) 5100 yards; Jake Noonan (Superior) 1 mile male 24:50; Sarah O’Conner (Two Harbors, MN) 1 mile female 27:20 and Matt Sherwood (Superior) ½ mile 11:28.


56 individuals took the pool to complete in the one hour tag team event, the individual one hour, one mile and one-half mile challenges. The SDSC is the regions only open all age group and ability community swimming event. Families, youth swimmers, triathletes, club swimmers, and lap swimmers took to the pool to achieve individual distance goals and for some informal competition.


The SDSC is a fundraising event for Superior High School Swimming and Diving programs. The Superior Distance Swim Challenge vision is to promote life-long healthy recreation, engage and expend the regional swimming community, and to provide an opportunity for sportsmanship, competition and fellowship-- Randy Back, SDSC Event Coordinator

2012 Superior Distance Swim Challenge Overall Results
Teams and team size ( )
1. Spartan Speed (3) - 5837.5yds (previous record 5050yds, 2011, Submaxamum Speed)
Matt Sherwood, Kaitlyn Henien, Jake Noonan
2. Submaximum Speed (4) - 5262.5yds
Ted Patten, Howie Leathers, Leanne Bronson, Mina Bradley
3. Underdogs (3) - 5100yds
Sarah Faver, Jeremy Miller, Kaydi Gysbers
4. Bubbles (4) - 4937yds
Tiffany Carlson, Anthony Yung, Christina Regas, Amy Sandilin
5.Wolverines (2) - 4475yds
Charlie Kamper, David Kamper
6."And We Know It" (3)- 4170yds
Grace Elonen, Ashley Kittelson, Musea Broberg
7. Rubber Ducks (2) - 3912.5yds
Julie Snyder, Kaitlyn Sanders
8. Four Quacks (4)- 3662.5yds
Mark Goellner, Kurt Kamper, Susan Kamper, David Mast
9. Swim Like Howie (4)- 3175yds
Connie Lutkevich, Olivia Lutkevich, Mike Scheer, Henry Scheer
10. Oulu Rocks (3) - 3087.5yds
Greg Elonen, Collene Elonen, Eric Elonen
11. North Shore Swim Club (2) - 2575yds
Caleb Rother, Maggie Rother
12.Team Weber #1 (2)- 2750yds
Joseph Weber, Tammy Jo Weber
13. Team Weber#2 D&G (2)- 2725yds
David Weber, Georgina Weber

One Hour "Big Fish" Individual Division
Amy Flessert - 4750yds (previous record 4400yds, 2011, Amy Flessert)
Megan Mensinger - 4537.5yds
Dave Nonnemacher - 3737.5yds
William Stack - 3420yds
Zachary Grymala - 3112.5yds
Rick Agar - 2970yds
Penny Agar - 2750yds
Mary Herbertz - 2750yds
Linda Hagen - 2650yds
Kim Holak - 2850yds
Lydia Herbertz - 1950yds

One Mile Individual
Jake Noonan - 24:50 (new male 1 mile event record, previous record, Dan Duff 2010, 30:00)
Sarah O, Conner - 27:20 (new female 1 mile event record)
Anna Anklam - 28:34
Scott Sannes - 29:16
Fiona O' Conner - 33:24
Shane Olson - 34:26
Sarah Honeyager - 42:00


1/2 Mile Individual
Matt Sherwood - 11:28 (new male 1/2 mile event record, prior record, Jeremy Miller, 2011, 12:23)
Scott Qvam - 18:56
Jane Anklam - 20:44

December 9, 2011: Running & Rock & Roll & ...

Running and music. This isn't about what I listen to on my iPod or Aquabeat (treadmill & lap swimming musts) but rather how music and running events relate to each other. I rated my running proficiency from best to worse in my final -CC-> entry. They were road racing, track events, ultramarathons & trail marathons, trail racing, cross-country, orienteering, and steeple chase. I read Sam's comment about hanging with rock stars and Mark's entry about what moves you. So I started thinking...

When I think music of music and running, road racing would be the rock & roll of our sport. It's big venues, sold out events, sometimes completely over the top, much like arena rock with thousands of people. The cross section of fans and participants feels the same in both realms. They are both festivals, running and music; sometimes they even show up in the same event. Rock and roll is an upstart form of music too, much like road racing was in the way it gained mass popularity and emerged like the running boom did. Remember the early years of rock and later the British invasion. We are still honored to be experiencing the Kenyan invasion. Bill Rodgers was our Elvis, the rebel that accepted prize money back in the day, that changed everything. Rock has it's cities just like running: London, Detroit, LA and ect. Running has Boston, New York, San Fransisco and ect. Sometimes road running can embrace smaller arenas and the events have the feel of your favorite local live music venue. You find a bit of pop, grunge, wannabes, cover bands / tribute bands and for us masters, oldies!

Track is so very traditional very much like classical music or a symphony. It's reserved for the concert halls of our sport, Hayward field in Eugene, Oregon or similar esteemed formal venues. The sacred ground and traditions of track are reserved for a prim and proper side of our sport. The format is organized, precise, accurately measured and exactly familiar as an experience. Track has a defined order an expected etiquette. We have our formal garb for both too. Team singlets / uniforms on the lanes or in the blocks and the formal attire for an evening at the symphony. In many ways how you make your way to the track as a competitor is very similar to how one becomes skilled as a musician to play in a symphony. Just like the old saying:"How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice."

I'll have to admit I had some problems about tagging a form of music to trail marathons & ultras. I was leaning toward country music. An ultra can involve losing everything and heart break just like a lot of country songs. At some point in every ultra or trail marathon I think you find bottom or give it all back. For me an ultra or trail marathon is more like bluegrass, a uniquely American music genre, in a way like the event that popularized trail ultra running, the Western States 100 mile. Bluegrass has a country and folk sensibility that gives me the feeling of the outdoors. Like hours on the trail, listening to bluegrass can seem to erase time, before I know it the Cd's finished and a block of time has vanished. The rolling melodies of bluegrass and rolling over single-track for hours are similar. Often, a depressing lyric and song can make me feel better. A bad day outside of running is easily re framed by a few hours on the trail.

Trail racing is like Jazz, free form and highly improvised. A think on your feet form of music. It's best when it comes naturally and emerges spontaneously. Just like how you feel when you find your grove on the trail, you don't think, it just happens. Cross-country and gospel they seem to fit, at least in my mind. A vibrant team conveying a message with energy just like a cohesive team of runners all pulling towards a team score. At times it can be both individual and team focused. Cross-country has an energy level like gospel that seems to build too.

Orienteering! I have lost my Cd's or my iPod and need directions to find them, please help me! My CD player is stuck on shuffle, I need to find my player instructions to fix it. What's the next song going to be? It's an assemble your own guitar kit. Where is Jack White when you need him? It might just be Caroling in you neighborhood, that could be a good fit because it involves music and stopping at designated spots with addresses. Orienteering, like this last paragraph, for me, a total mess!

The steeple chase would have to be some form of fusion, it is a track event, but different, in some ways it never really gets the same glamor or recognition as the 400, mile, 1500, relays, and sprints. Perhaps it's rap, a bit of everything to serve a musical purpose, sometimes it's not respected either. They both may have that in common. The abrupt change-ups in rap might be most similar to a form of running where the change-ups define the event, run, hurdle, jump a barrier and repeat.

What does this all mean? For me, I have very eclectic tastes in music and consider it part of the rhythm of my life just like running, a tempo and beat. As with music and running, enjoyment can be gained from all of the disciplines or genres. If after reading this should our paths happen to cross. You might find me with my buds in, Bono shades on, tunes playing, perhaps in rock mode. You may wonder, what is he really listening to? It might be Strauss, Mozart, or Bach. That may be a good guess considering my moniker. Remember on that day the book and cover might not match, there are lots of options, just like running.

The coolest Cd's have hidden track don't they, so I'll offer this, with that in mind. It's from a favorite lyric: "...you're never too old to rock and roll, if you're too young to die."--Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. That sort of fits my view of running, and overall outlook on things.