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January 15, 2013: Beginnings...

Hello, everyone! 
It is with great happiness that I join the ranks of the Northland Runner bloggers. I am happy to be here and to be a part of this!

Just a brief intro before we get to the actual blogging: my name is Lindsey, and I moved to Duluth from Michigan in January 2011 when my now-husband was offered a job out here. I was fortunate to land a job myself that lends itself well to my running hobby, and through it I have found myself surrounded by a great community of crazy runner types like myself. When I'm not behind the counter or computer in the inner sanctums of said place of employment, I am most likely outside or trying to get outside. Also, I read, I crochet, I make a mean chocolate chip cookie, and I am a crazy sports fan (Go Lions and Go Red Wings!)
Moving on, I guess since it is January it is appropriate to talk about my goals and aspirations for 2013. 2012 was a mixed bag of a year for me, in that I hit 2 of the 3 goals I had set, but training was never solid and settled, and I battled injuries more often than in past years. So, I'm hoping to at least nix the injury part and at least hit 2 of 3 again. (Ideally, I'd hit 3/3, but I'm trying to be realistic.
Goal #1: hit an absolute minimum of 100 miles every month.
Goal #2: hit 1500 total miles for 2013.
Goal #3: finally break my goal time in the 13.1 distance, the one that has been taunting me since 2011. Sub 1:45 will happen this year.
I have a few smaller goals, like get more miles and races done on trail, find a cool fall marathon, get my husband to join me at least once a week, so on and so forth. Those, however, are the big 3.
Well, 2013? You ready? Let's do this.