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I am Jason.  My claim to fame in the running community was that I ran 8 marathons and 2 half marathons in a 1 year period, running some with less than 1 week break in between!  That was a few years back now, but I got bit by the bug again and I hopefully I can get some of the magic back in my legs!

April 21, 2015: Look at that "has been" out there...oh wait, it's me!

So I am running my first 5K this weekend in 2 years.  Yes this is the same Jason Howard who used to run trail series every weekend and who also used to run 1/2 marathons and marathons every other week (I'm not exagerating!)  Running used to come easy to me, but that was back when I was running 5 miles a day on weekdays and a combined 15 miles on weekends (when I didn't have any races.)  Now I'm 36, getting grey, and about 30+lbs heavier than my prime running weight.  So what does it feel like when you're starting again from square one?  Well you feel pain in your feet and knees that you have never experienced before.  But pain makes things interesting and this Saturday will be interesting to see if I can run a sub 30 minute 5K.  I'll keep you guys and gals posted!

July 16, 2013: Paavo Nurmi Marathon...The True Test of a Runner

So I made it through Grandma's Marathon unscathed and I immediately signed up to run in the Paavo Nurmi Marathon on August 10th.  This was the 1st marathon I ever ran way back in 2007 when I knew nothing about proper nutrition/hydration before & during a race.  It was over 80 degrees that day and when I finally finished, I should have gotten IV treatments at the medical tent, but instead I went home and suffered the rest of the day!  Now I am 6 years wiser, but I am running in "hot" temperatures for the 1st time in almost 4 years, so this one will be more of a test for me than Grandma's or Whistlestop.  I'm always up for a good challenge, so if anything...it will be memorable! 

May 14, 2013: Now I run with a purpose

My wife's aunt and uncle, Nancy & Stu, always adored me and were very supportive of my running.  Uncle Stu would always ask what race I was going to run next every time I would see him.  He is now in a nursing home suffering from the debilitating disease of Alzheimer's.  He can no longer see or walk, and he does not know his loved ones anymore.


Aunt Nancy asked me if I was running Grandma's Marathon a week ago and I said yes.  She was so excited and said she wished she could be at the finish line to see me.  She asked what time I would be finishing, thinking that they would televise all the finishers on tv, and I told her I would stop by the hospital to show her my medal after the race.  Aunt Nancy was suffering from a very quick moving ALS.  Unfortunately I will not be able to show her my medal because she passed away yesterday.  But she will be there at the finish line in spirit and I'm running this one for her and Stu.


I will attend church with my grieving wife tomorrow and will miss Bull Run.  However I have some serious training to do after that to make Aunt Nancy and Uncle Stu proud!

May 9, 2013: I like sand...just not running in it!

So what did I forget to bring to Park Point, a tank top to run in.  I had to wear my long sleeve work shirt for last night's NMTC race.  I felt like a dork, but at least it may have saved me from Poison Ivy.  Anyways I love sand!  I love laying in it while getting a good tan, I love making sand angels, I love making missile silos (no not sand castles), but running in it is treacherous!  Especially running up hill in sand.  All those movies that glorify running in sand (Chariots of Fire and Rocky III) will never be the same to me again.  But I kept pushing and powering up the sand hills and even raced another runner to the finish (without my long-sleeved work shirt)!  I didn't run today because my knee was still a little sore plus the couch felt so good tonight.  But I'll be back at it tomorrow, I have a race lined up on Saturday, maybe I'll run old skyline on Sunday, and I will definitely be there next Wednesday for the most brutal NMTC race of them all - Bull Run.  Can't hardly wait! 

May 1, 2013: Stop kidding yourself Jason...YOU'RE TOO SLOW!

So I ran my first NMTC race since 2009!  I lined up towards the front like I always used to.  I wore my old Frankenstein shoes so I wouldn't get my new ones dirty, and I had total expectations of running at an 8.5 minute pace like I used to.  Guess what, I was sucking wind 1/4 of a mile into it.  I was being passed by runners old enough to be my parents (no names mentioned), dogs trotting at a leisurely pace, and people having an everyday conversation with each other like they were not running at all.  I came to the realization that I'm a lot slower than I used to be and that I have some work to do.


So here lies the dilemma...keep trying hard at getting back into running shape, go back to Wednesday Night Church Service with my wife and daughter and fall asleep during the sermon, push myself up to 600 lbs on the bench at the gym while putting on at least another 10lbs in body weight, or playing couch potato (yey!!).  I will go with the first one because I still have a runner's heart and nothing will stop this guy when his heart is in the right place!  Now next week I will ditch the Frankenstein shoes and dirty up my pretty blue ones.