Date:September 11, 2013 (Wednesday)
City:Duluth, MN
Distance:5.25 miles
Time:6:00 PM
Location:Skyline Boulevard, east of Beck's Road
Fee:Free! Donations accepted.
Notes:UPDATE (9/10): Due to construction on the Stewart Creek bridge, the we will start on the west side of Skyline Parkway, off of Beck's Road.  Take the Midway Road exit off the freeway or take Grand/Commonwealth to Beck's Road.  Call Kris at 218-390-4784 if you need further directions.

This race is part of the Northern Minnesota Track Club's Fall Trail Series. The distance is approximate and is subject to change.
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Jarrow Wahman
Work Phone:   218-722-1185
Kris Glesener
Cell Phone:   218-390-4784