Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone
Date:October 28, 2018 (Sunday)
City:Duluth, MN
Time:2:00 PM
Location:Spirit Mountain Parking Lot B
Fee:Free! Donations accepted.
Records:Male: John Bauer, 20:43 (2001)
Female: Kari Beasley, 24:45 (1995)
LY Winners:Male: Ben Cogger, 19:23
Female: Auralee Strege, 23:18
LY Attend.:60
Notes:This race is part of the Northern Minnesota Track Club's Fall Trail Series. The distance is approximate and subject to change.

Race Day Procedure:
1. Register/Sign in at the table
2. Put your donation into the jar
3. Have fun completing the course/volunteering
4. Print name on finish place card, next to that week’s race
5. Turn in the card!
6. Check before leaving, did you turn in your card?

If you signed a waiver for the Spring Series, you do NOT need to sign one for the fall.

Dogs no longer allowed to participate during NMTC runs.
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Shelly Thompson
Cell Phone:   218-341-5837