NMTC Spring Trail Series

NMTC Spring Trail Series

The NMTC Spring Trail Series is comprised of 6 challenging trail runs in Duluth and Superior and one road race.  Come out and enjoy good running and camraderie.  All runs are free.  There is a potluck and award ceremony after the last race.


UPDATE (6/4): The Woodland Run is on!


UPDATE (6/3): There is still some mud and wet spots on the proposed Woodland course.  We are working on a reroute and will decide by noon on Wednesday if we can have the race or not.


UPDATE (5/19): Due to the wetness of the trails in Woodland, we will use our rain date for the Woodland Run.  We are moving the race from May 21st to June 4th.


2014 Waiver - Please print, sign, and bring with you on race day.

Changes for 2014
1. Due to an increase in the number of ticks and lyme disease in the past few years,  we are moving the Bull Run to the fall series.  In its place, we are moving the Magney-Snively Run back to the spring series.  The Magney-Snively Run has been renamed the Ely's Peak Run.

2. Due to the wetness of the Piedmont trails in the spring, we are not holding the Goat Run this year.  We will hold a new race called the Woodland Run in its place.  The Woodland Run will start in the old gravel pit off Jean Duluth Road and utilize local trails and the Superior Hiking Trail.

3. We now have an open week the second-to-last week of the series.  Should we encounter bad weather or poor trail conditions in any of the first 6 races, we will move that race to the bye week.

All runners must sign the appropriate waiver form (adult or youth) in order to participate in the NMTC Spring Trail Series. To speed up registration on race day, please print one off and bring it with you on race day (available here). We will also have forms available at the race for you to sign. You only need to sign the waiver once for the entire spring series. You will need to sign a different waiver for the fall series.

Series Website

1. 4/30/2014 Western Waterfront Run 4.85 miles
Duluth, MN - Munger Trail parking lot behind the Munger Inn. (6:00 PM)
2. 5/7/2014 Point Pine Run 4 miles
Duluth, MN - Park Point - end of Minnesota Avenue, near Sky Harbor Airport (6:00 PM)
3. 5/11/2014 Spirit Mountain Run 10 miles
Duluth, MN - Spirit Mountain (10:00 AM)
4. 5/14/2014 Ely's Peak Run 6.7 miles
Duluth, MN - Magney-Snively Parking Lot (6:00 PM)
5. 5/28/2014 Millenium Trail Run 3.4 miles
Superior, WI - Municipal Parking Lot on 28th Street (6:00 PM)
6. 6/4/2014 Woodland Run 3.9 miles
Duluth, MN - Old gravel pit off Jean Duluth Road (6:00 PM)
7. 6/11/2014 Chester Bowl Run 4 miles
Duluth, MN - Chester Bowl Soccer Field (6:00 PM)
2014 Waiver
Tony Stensland
E-Mail:   tony@duluthrunning.com
Work Phone:   218-728-1148
Clint Agar
E-Mail:   clint@duluthrunning.com
Work Phone:   218-728-1148
Kris Glesener
E-Mail:   kkglesener@yahoo.com
Cell Phone:   218-390-4784